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*This diary was written by customer Mr S.

Enoki is a wonderful and mysterious space for me, where human connections increase.
For some reason, it seems only people who share ideas and awareness gather here.
Why do geniuses gather here?
If the law of attraction actually exists, maybe this is the place...

The key points in organisational development that I usually try to keep in mind are 'Relationships and environments that enhance each other'.
The people and the environment make it happen.
That's how I feel.

With less than two months to go this year 2022, looking back on the year, I think we achieved our goals quite well.

The year 2022 started with continuing Covid-19 for the last 2 years.
In February, Russian troops invaded Ukraine, and the war is still going on with many casualties.
I pray that the war will soon end and we can live in peace.

On a good news, the 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar this month.
The tournament is held once every four years and attracts attention even from non-football fans!
The Japanese national team will also be competing, so it's sure to be a hot topic of conversation in the Enoki too!
I hope they will qualify and make it to the last eight or above.

Next month will be the season of year-end parties, so please be careful not to drink too much.
L 型のカウンター



Enoki is an L-shaped counter.
A customer came to Enoki with his friend who returned to Japan after completing his student life abroad.
When he sat down on the right side of the counter and ordered his drink, he felt as if someone was staring at him.
'What if it's a beautiful woman? He looked at the woman that was his friend from his school days as well.
The world is small.

They graduated from university this year, when the Covid-19 crisis had not yet been resolved.
Both are working at university hospitals.
It was the first time they had been to an izakaya where they could enjoy conversation with strangers at a small counter like Enoki.
What was intended to be one drink, turns out to be two or three.
They listened carefully to their senior customers, timed their conversation well, told their own stories, thanked them many times and went back home with smile, apparently having a very good time.
From my point of view, they were very bright young people with a bright future to look forward to.

As we get older, regardless of gender, we tend to talk more and more about ourselves, perhaps because of our own experiences, to the extent that we are surprised at how much we talk about ourselves.
In order to listen carefully, I think it is important to have a 'trusting heart' towards the other person.
Such compassion is essential, but there are elderly people who forget to consider others and engage in one-way conversations.
They also tend to speak loudly and show their faces everywhere, making it difficult to read the atmosphere, which sometimes destroys the spirit of trust.
Let's be careful.





※This is a diary from a customer.

I first came to Enoki in 2015.
I'm still a newcomer among the regular customers of Enoki, many of whom have been coming here for many years.

At first it was a date with a girl I thought was nice.
We were looking for a place to go in Nonbee Yokocho, I could find Enoki doors as if we were drawn there.
Looking back, I wonder how they allowed us to enter the restaurant.
Attracted by the food and the atmosphere of Chizuru Mama, I headed back to Enoki a few days later.
I was so happy that Chizu-san (Chizuru Mama), who was just seeing off a customer, remembered me and after that I started coming back more often.
In 2011, I was transferred from Osaka branch to Tokyo, and I was single, hoping to find a place where I could go alone.

Enoki has various customers.
But here, regardless of industry, position, gender or age, everyone is equal in front of Chizu-san.
We happened to be next to each other and became friends at the first meeting, got drunk, laughed and exchanged business cards finally and I was surprised many times to realize they were very famous people.
I even got a business because of the enoki.
A professional lacrosse player who has appeared on this blog before also met Enoki for the first time.
I was working in sports and we discussed the business and future of sports.
I met a person who had returned to his hometown in the Kansai area after their retirement, and we had sake together.
I also welcomed Chizu-san to come to Kansai area for a visit.

When do you go to Enoki?
I feel that I don't go to Enoki when I'm at peace, but when I'm in pain or having fun.
Probably I am looking for encouragement, praise and words from Chizu san.

When I returned to Osaka for about three years from 2019, I still went to Enoki every time I went on a business trip to Tokyo. I also looked forward to talking with Chizu-san.
I take my very good friends, seniors and important customers to Enoki.
Sometimes I also use the second floor. They are all happy.
I think that it is thanks to the atmosphere of the personality of Ms. Chizuru, great food, beautiful dishes and a shop atmosphere.

Although I wrote about the enoki for me, which is not worth mentioning...
I think that everyone also has their own Enoki's memory.
I would like to keep coming to Enoki for a long time.
writing:Mr Sonobe
大学院に進学するのも悪くないと、大学院進学を決意! だが難問、日本の大学の高い学費に
エストニアの首都タリンに位置するタリン工科大学でAPPIIed Science 2018年修士号を取得
女性の手の握りか ? パソコンの使い方もわからないレベル ?

そんな話題を友人達に伝えると、 電子国家のイメージから、日本から私宛に
唯 eレジデンシーという国民IDカード(日本のマイナンバーはこれを参考にしている)

Steins Inc.代表取締役 齋藤大将

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, three countries that line up to the south of Finland, known as the Baltic States.
Mr. Hiromasa Saito, who lived in Estonia for five years, where there are almost no Japanese, is a customer of Enoki.

Let me introduce him.
Mr. Hiromasa Saito, President of Steins Inc.
M.S. in Physics, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonian National University
Graduate studies in numerical analysis of literature
Worked on education in VR, VR museum, and web development business

I asked Mr. Saito what motivated him to go to Estonia.
After graduating from university in Japan, he thought about going to work for some company.
At the time, he was working part-time as a tennis coach and thought it would be good if he could continue working as a tennis coach after graduation, but his parents were against it.
His parents wanted him to get a stable job, preferably as a public servant.
It seemed like a boring job for his curious mind.

So, he decided to go to graduate school, he majored in physics at university, belonged to a research laboratory, and was interested in a research career.
However, his income at that time was not likely to be able to pay the high tuition fees of Japanese universities.
On the other hand, he heard that there were universities overseas that offered free tuition.
He started gathering information by researching on the Internet and going to embassies to talk to people, and the country he arrived at was Estonia.
He decided on Estonia because he heard that there were no Japanese, the Tallinn University of Technology had free tuition, and there were many beautiful women.
Many beautiful women, he thought there was no reason not to go there (Lol).

His TOEIC score at the time was 405, which was not very good, but he taught himself English conversation and prepared for admission to an overseas university, passed with flying colors, and moved to Estonia.
He received his Master's degree in APPIIed Science 2018 from Tallinn University of Technology located in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.
He chose to do my master's research in a laboratory in the genre of econophysics, where he applied complex networks to literature, performing numerical analysis of novels and mathematically analyzing the tendencies of authors' writing.

At that time, he had no interest in IT and was not good at using a computer.
However, Estonia is a country where IT is advanced, Business & Entrepreneurship is compulsory in all faculties, and IT-related events are held every day.

Living in such a situation, he could learn a lot about programming, AI, VR, etc.
Apart from classes and research, he has learned about programming and IT, and has pitched (conveyed my proposal to others in short, concise words) in front of investors at various events, including Haskathon.
It was interesting to see startups and other companies scattered around the university, successful businessmen teaching at the university, and investors showing up at university events to judge.
The seamless nature of "research, start, and market" is what makes Estonia unique.

When he told such a topic to his friends, he received a lot of comments from my Japanese friends because of the image of an electronic nation.
"Is there no paper used in the classroom?"
Are deliveries made by robots?"
He received messages that made him imagine the world of a science fiction movie.

But compared to Japan, there are few places to play, and the cities and infrastructure lag behind.
The only thing is that e-residency, a national ID card (like Japan's My Number card), has been allocated, so it was possible to do things like apply for taxes, real estate, used car transactions, student ID, open a bank account, and start a business in a matter of minutes.
It was more of an impression of a country where government, daily life, and business are well coordinated.

He will tell us about his life in Estonia and other European countries over drinks when we meet him at "Enoki".
Please visit him!

The FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar in November.
Many of Enoki's customers are football fans, during the World Cup, they are always excited to talk about football.
Japan has been selected to play in the same group with Spain and Germany, I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of games they will play against their strong competitors.
Let's all cheer for them as we hope they will pass the qualifying rounds and advance to the best 8 or higher!

During the World Cup, many people gather around Shibuya station to cheer for the teams, but the atmosphere is always bizarre and loud.
I hope they will mind their manners, especially the young people! Especially the young people!
Police officers are controlling the traffic, but there are many people who are excited or making merry, I'm heartbreaking for police.
Let's have a good time, talk and drink in good manners at Enoki during this period! LOL!
Good luck to all the representatives of Japan!



真の意味での『EBO=社員がオーナーになる(Emloyees become the Owner)であり、親会社など、旧役員にGoldenパラシュートを与えたわけではない。
会社は誰のもの? と云う問いに答えるには…21世紀のあるべき会社だと自負している。

((月)役員会で評価、(火)貢献した事項、改善事項につき具体的にFeed Backする。


These are the words of Mr. Tanaka, Representative Director of BSL Insurance, a health agency.
He was born in Tokyo, graduated from the Tokyo University, and joined the former Industrial Bank of Japan in 1974.
After changing jobs several times, he started an investment company with a friend in 2002, and at the same time, he founded the insurance agency "BSL Insurance" as a subsidiary of the investment company with a young man 25 years younger than him.
After the founding of the company, they became a unique agency in the insurance industry, co-financed by several major insurance companies, by acquiring insurance for our investment portfolio!

They had difficulty turning a profit for the first three years, but gradually increased revenue and profit.
The reason for the increase in revenue; ... Mr,Tanaka said it was the talent of the people working there.

1, Securing human resources
By narrowing the market focus to corporate customers, he was able to amicably hire people headhunting with experience as corporate sales representatives at major insurance companies.
They had a strong desire to offer the best products to their clients because they were dissatisfied with only their own company's products.
They were also dissatisfied with the fact that they could only deal with their own company's products.
After we asked them to join us, some of them waited for a year before making the move, including preparation.
After that, thanks to their cooperation, we were able to gain the trust of all parties by arranging and offering products for major companies as well as for medium-sized companies.
Insurance is all about smooth payment of claims in the event of an emergency.
Since insurance agents do not have the authority to make payments, I think the fact that I was able to contribute to customers because of my background at an insurance company was also helpful in gaining their trust.
Since it is the insurance company that pays the insurance claims, it is important for the agents to have the trust of their clients.

2, Incentives
The company gave class shares (no voting rights, but they have the right to issue shares) to salespeople who came from non-life insurance companies.
It is an incentive system that if they grow the company, the value of the company will increase and so will their fractional shares.
In 2017, the company became independent from the investment company, and at that time, they were appointed to the board of directors and their shares were divided equally.
It is a true 'EBO = Employees become the Owner' and it is not a golden parachute for the parent company or the former directors.
Who owns the company?
It is only natural to ask who owns the company, since it is the employees who have grown the company.

3. Finally, human resource development
The company and its employees must mutually "share a common understanding" and "foster trust.
First, the five emotional abilities, such as aggressiveness and a sense of logic.
Five items of business execution skills such as product knowledge, persuasiveness, etc.
In total, we used a 10-item evaluation sheet as a means of evaluation.
Employees were asked to speak up about their self-evaluations, contributions they made, and areas for improvement at the company, and management provided a place to listen and evaluate the results at a board meeting.
A routine was created to provide specific weekly feedback on contributions made and areas for improvement.
In light of the results, the company notified the employees of their bonuses for the current fiscal year and their compensation for the next fiscal year during the March accounting period.

As this process is repeated over the years, the gap between the company's expectations and those of the employees is filled, and trust is fostered.
The company is only the foundation and must be 'humble.

I think these three points are the most important for management, common to any company.

I spoke with Mr. Tanaka about his work and human resources, and was so impressed by his passion for management.
I am glad to hear his precious story.


* ラクロスは、棒の先に網のついたスティック(クロス)を使い、

ラクロスの試合の記事と写真を掲載する 記者 K氏である。


Ms Sachiyo Yamada was the first Japanese to sign a sponsored contract and become a professional lacrosse player, a sport that is not very major in Japan.

**Lacrosse is played using a stick (cross) with a net on the end.
A team ball game in which players carry a tennis ball-sized ball to a goal 180 cm square for points.
The game develops at a fast tempo, and the men in particular wear helmets and shoulder pads because of the violent collisions.

Ms. Yamada first came to Enoki through an introduction by Mr. K, a reporter who used to take pictures of lacrosse games.
When Mr. K visited Enoki, he frequently brought his lacrosse teammates, both men and women.
Among them, Ms. Yamada was a very energetic woman with a unique personality and spoke in a Kansai dialect.
Later, she also became a regular customer of Enoki.

She had been an active member of the lacrosse club since her school days.
After graduating from college, she worked at a general company and was busy competing in lacrosse games on her days off.
She was very happy when she was offered a chance to become a professional, but the question of whether or not she would be able to achieve her achievements abroad, where she had never lived, troubled her.
What bothered her the most was also her marriage timing, and she spent many days agonizing over the challenge of going abroad.

I told her, 'Choose a life that is not public to yourself over a stable life,' and she decided to go to Australia.
A half year later, she was based in Australia, living back and forth between Japan and Australia.
She studied English hard and won the World Cup in England as a member of the Australian team!

Gradually, she began to see the need to increase the number of people playing the sport she loved and to promote it to the children of the future.
She now appears regularly on lacrosse-related radio programs in Japan and coaches lacrosse at universities.
As a professional lacrosse player for 15 years, she wants to make lacrosse an Olympic sport! and acted to communicate it to the world, and as a result, it is expected to be adopted for the Los Angeles Olympics, which will probably be held in the United States in 2028.
I am also supporting them.
北海道北見市「バイオ製造業環境大善株式会社」2代目社長 窪之内氏
創業者の父、北見市出身、地元のホームセンター勤務 "当時店長されていた"際
…北海道北見市の常呂川は農業用水として利用、他オホーツク海からサケやマスが戻り日本有数 ホタテなど、国と北海道、農協と酪農家が協力し、糞尿処理が進められるが多額の費用負担、経営を圧迫しかねないとの心配からの要望!


昨年 そういった活動が評価され、内閣官房及び農林水産省が選定する


Mr. Kubonouchi, the second president of the bio-manufacturer Kankyo Daizen Co.LTD located Kitami-Citym Hokkaido.

His father is the founder of the company used to work at a local home improvement center.
The dairy industry is very active in Kitami-city and the smell of cow manure has long been a problem for the local people.
He also noticed that in Kitami City, most of the houses in the neighborhood had dogs and they peed on the roadside when they walked.

One day, the founder received a complaint from a customer at a home improvement center that the disinfectant was not effective.
So he collected and tried many products from major company, but they could not improve the smell well.
From there, he became curious about deodorants and continued his search for two years.

After two years he has looked for good deodorants, his friend's dairy farmer asked him if he could sell a liquid made from cow urine decomposed by lactic acid bacteria at a home improvement center.
The Tokoro River in Kitami City, Hokkaido is used for agricultural water.
Also, salmon and trout from the Sea of Okhotsk return to the Tokoro River to produce some of the best scallops in Japan.
In order to protect this important river, the Japanese government, Hokkaido government, agricultural cooperatives, and dairy farmers have been working together to dispose of manure.
However, they were worried that the large cost of the treatment would put pressure on their business, so they were looking for a place to sell the liquid, which they believed was highly effective in eliminating odors.
When the founder smelled the liquid he brought, it was completely odorless, and after using it, the smell of cow urine, which had been a problem in the neighborhood, disappeared.

After that, the founder and his staff divided the liquid into small portions and everyone tried it at home.
As a result, the unpleasant smell disappeared in every home, and the product was more effective than the deodorant products of major company.

He was so intrigued that he tried the liquid on various items and found that it reacted only to unpleasant odors such as decomposing organic matter and ammonia, but not to the fragrance of the flowers themselves.
He asked three universities to verify the effectiveness and safety of the product, and in 1998, he commercialized it as a bio-deodorant liquid with 100% natural ingredients, "Kie~ru.

In 1998, the 100% natural bio-deodorant solution "Kie~ru" was commercialized, and at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, it was donated by the Japanese Red Cross Society.
The product was also used to deodorize temporary toilets, drainage, and garbage during the Eastern Hokkaido Earthquake and Kumamoto Earthquake.

Further research revealed that the liquid has the effect of welcoming bad bacteria in the soil and increasing good bacteria, which is also useful for soil regeneration, and the liquid fertilizer for horticulture "Soil Revitalization" was commercialized, and the liquid that passed the 2020 quality standard was named "Zen-Dama Activated Water.

In recognition of such activities, "Bio-Manufacturing Environment Daizen Corporation" was awarded the 8th "Discover Rural and Mountainous Village Treasures" Special Prize (Nice Naming Award) selected by the Cabinet Secretariat and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on December 10, 2021.

Mr. Kubonouchi, the second president of the company, commented, "We would like to make efforts to contribute our products and technologies to environmental issues from Japan to the world."
Good luck!
心せわしい年の瀬…と云っても、1月~3月 、5月~6月、7月~9月コロナ禍での
は~い貴方 ! 手を洗わず店に入るの(≧∇≦)駄目でしょう?と、言った所、
貴方 ! その洗い方、洗ってないのと同じ、綺麗に洗いなさいと注意した所

The end of the year is a busy time for both body and feeling...
However, in 2021, I could hardly open my Enoki due to the declaration of emergency due to the Covid-19 disaster from January to March, May to June, and July to September.
We were closed for more than four months, and it was a year of mental stress as we were unable to go anywhere for fun.

We finally reopened, but I heard that a new strain of coronavirus has emerged, so humans will have to live with the virus for a while.
For the past two years, everyone has been wearing masks when they go out.
When you enter a store, you have to sanitize with alcohol.
Everyone seems to be following proper hygiene.
However, there are some people who don't follow hygiene.

There is a water tap for washing hands next to the restroom in Nonbei Yokocho.
One day, as I was washing my hands, a young man came out of the restroom door.
He didn't wash his hands and tried to go into a nearby restaurant!

I couldn't help but call out, "Hey you! You can't go in without washing your hands," I warned him.
He replied with a straightforward "Yes" and reluctantly went to the tap to wash only the tips of his fingers.

I said "Hey..." I warned him again,
"You're not washing your hands that way, you should wash your hands properly.
This time, she put a lot of soap on his hands and started scrubbing them.
I was dumbfounded, but he smiled when I praised him for washing his hands.
Maybe a lot of men don't make a habit of washing their hands even though there is a water tap available?

With only a few months left in this year, let's have fun with cheerful faces and resonant voices without irritation!



The sound of summer insects has gone, and autumn has arrived.
We have been suffering from the coronavirus since last year, but on October 1st, the state of emergency was lifted and I finally started to rebuild my own economy.

While my restaurant "Enoki" was out of business, I received many encouraging emails from regular customers.
One of my customers told me that he wanted to go to the restaurant right away in October, but he is in hospitalization because his longstanding illness has worsened. He had been putting off his work as a priority.
There were others who were finally able to see the light at work.
Those who had been isolated and unable to talk to others, even if they couldn't see each other in person, were able to calm down a little by exchanging emails.
Everyone has been struggling by Covid-19 and living as best they can.

It was Friday, the weekend, and many customers came to Enoki after work.
It's been a long time since we've seen each other, and everyone, including myself, was all smiles.
The restaurant closes at 9:00 pm, as government regulation is still in effect but we drank, ate, talked, and laughed until 8:00 pm.
I was tired after working for two days over the weekend for the first time in a long time.
It might take some time for my body to get used to it?
開催2週間後、聖火リレー (希望の道をつなごう)
3月25日 福島県を出発 日本全国都道府県を回り
7 \22 (木) 11:20分 東急本店 隣 文化村通りスタート、
明治通りを走り表参道駅を折り返し、代々木大山公園 "G"

7/22 (木)16:20 代官山駅スタート
駒沢通りを走り山種美術館…東4丁目…六本木通り…日本コカ.コラ "G"


コロナ禍 いろいろな人々の思いがあると思うが、

The torch relay (AKA Let's connect the path of hope), which started in Fukushima Prefecture on March 25th, will travel through all prefectures in Japan, and finally the torch relay will start in Tokyo on July 9th.

Shibuya area
Route 1
July 22, 11:20 a.m. Start at Bunka-mura-dori next to Tokyu Honten→Scramble Crossing→Meiji-dori→Turn around at Omotesando Station and go to Yoyogi Oyama Park.

Route 2
July 22, 16:20 Start at Daikanyama Station →Komazawa Street → Yamatane Museum of Art → Higashi 4-chome → Roppongi Street → Coca-Cola Japan

Both route passes in front of my office and home, so I will be able to see the torch relay from either side.
I would like to cheer quietly.

I could suppose there are many people's thoughts and feelings of the Covit-19 disaster, and I believe the athletes are practicing in a way that we cannot understand.
I am moved by the way they look forward and practice every day, even in the midst of difficult circumstances.
At the Tokyo Olympics, which we will never see again, I would like to cheer loudly and quietly for the athletes of the world

The word is "Nyubai = Tsuyuiri" means the beginning of the rainy season.
I've heard the rainy season develop only in areas where the Asian monsoon.
I remember four or five years ago, when I went to Malaysia around May, there was a sudden great burst of thunder near 5PM on the first day, followed by a squall like waterfall.
The streets were flooded with water, and after about an hour of solid rain, the rain went away as if by magic and the sky returned to clear sky.
In recent years, we have seen exactly the same situation in Japan during the rainy season.

I heard that the rainy season started at the end of May in some parts of Japan, but the weather in Tokyo has not yet become that damp.
For us, the rainy season is a time when it rains, mold grows easily, and many things go bad.

However, this season is the beginning of an important season for the rice farmers.
If it does not rain during the rainy season, there is no hope for a good crop that year.
Whether it rains or not, we can only hope that the rain will come in just the right amount so that we don't suffer any serious damage.
終戦間近か夫は1年前「ビルマ」で戦死 !!


Mother's Day is coming in May.
I heard the story of a lady who survived World War II.

The lady's husband died in Burma during World War II.
After his died, near the end of the war in 1945, Japanese industrial area was frequently hit by US military air raids.
The war was prolonged, and American prisoners of war were housed in the church in the town.
POW American soldiers were forced to dig an air raid shelter.
When one of the Americans tried to pump up the water from the well and drink it because he was thirsty, the passerby did not let him pump the water.
The person shouted, "We don't have a drop of water to drink to you!"

When she saw the scene, she was saddened, "Maybe my husband died in a foreign land where he couldn't understand the language without drinking a drop of water."
She has lost her hatred of American soldiers, who are trapped in a foreign land, albeit an enemy.
For an American soldier rushing away, she gently placed a well vat in the grass on the side of the road to pump water.
The soldiers hurriedly pumped and drank water.

Lending a well vat became her daily routine.
However, some Japanese expressed anger and hatred to her for her actions against the prisoners of war of American soldiers.
She thought from her heart strongly!!
"Every soldier from every country has a family in their homeland! Who is willing to head to the battlefield!"
The bad things are the war itself and the leaders involved in the people.

At the end of the war, her position changed completely.
American soldiers offered her a thank-you chocolate to her as she went to pick up what she needed.
She wanted chocolate if she was thinking of her daughter waited at home, but she thought she shouldn't get it.
--- I just shared the water with you, I didn't do it for any reward, and I had pride even though I was a defeated country ---
After that, she raised her daughter well.

Many of my friends are married to people from different countries now.
I suppose the hardships of her friends are tough such as the above story, but every friend has strength and nobility.
Women should have the strength of "independence".
そろそろの時間?? 社員の皆さんとお別れを言い

冬牡蠣 「3月迄」との情報で牡蠣を食べに車で40分くらいの場所「糸島」へ足を運ぶ。

I flew to Fukuoka prefecture after five years to meet the president of the former company I used to work for.

While I was getting on the highway bus from Fukuoka Airport, I looked at the cityscape of Fukuoka from the bus window, there are many cars running.
Of course, there are many cars in Tokyo, but I was surprised at how many cars there are in Fukuoka, and arrived at the current company of the former president.

The employees warmly welcomed me and talked about various topics such as life in Tokyo.
It was almost time for the end of work, I said goodbye to all the employees.
The Ex-president and I headed to Asakura City that can be reached in about 20 minutes by car.

I heard there was severely damage due to heavy rains in northern Kyushu in July 2017, heavy rains of 500 mm or more fell around Asakura City.
The sediment and drifting trees from the mountains to flow to nearby roads, bridges, and residential areas.
Now, the city is getting better but I could feel that accident.
I arrived at Haratsuru Onsen town while listening to the explanation four years ago.
This time I will stay at a great hotel called Taisenkaku.
I could see the Chikugo River from my room.
Unfortunately there wasn't last year, but there are fireworks every summer.
There is also a departure and arrival place for Ukai's houseboat too.
I have visited this hot spring inn four times, and both dinner and breakfast are so nice!!
We ate and drank the food and broke up with ex-president around 9 pm.
I slowly soaked in the hot springs in a large room and fell great asleep.

The next day, I took a highway bus again to Tenjin in Hakata and met with 3 friends.
After hearing the information that winter oysters can be eaten deliciously until March, we went to "Itoshima", a place about 40 minutes by car from Tenjin to eat oysters.
There are many resort houses where you can kayak and marine sports.
Itoshima is a place visited by many tourists.
There are about 20 oyster huts, and We ordered 2 kg of oysters! I was happy that the oyster price is reasonable.
I baked bite-sized oysters, put cheese and butter on them! We ate a lot of oysters and returned to Tenjin.

At night, I ate the famous "Yobuko Squid Katsuzukuri" that I really wanted to eat.
After drinking at some bars, I finished my trip to Fukuoka.
It was a really delicious trip.
Everyone who saw this blog, must try to visit Fukuoka.
う..ん ?(≧∇≦)1度何処かで見た顔...どうぞお入り下さいませ!!
まあ そんな出会いのお客様、30分も経たないうち、「実は今日、彼女にプロポーズ
あら~~素晴らしい日ですね !!  お二人に~私からのお祝い🍷

Enoki is open by shortening the time from 4:00 to 8:00 PM under the COVID-19 emergency declaration in Tokyo.
The door of the shop opened, and customers came that day.
"Excuse me, I heard that Enoki has strict rules and I am hesitating to enter. Can we enter?"
U .. Hmm? (≧ ∇ ≦)
I think saw her somewhere ... Please come in !!

A couple of an elegant woman and a gentleman.
Introduced from the Enoki second branch, she has been advised "You should greet before entering the Enoki main branch."
In less than 30 minutes, I was able to get along with them.
Then, the gentleman said, "Actually, I proposed to her today."
A couple of gentlemen in his 70s (he said remarriage) and a lovely 45 year old woman.
I'm glad you visited Enoki on such a wonderful day!
Toast with sparkling wine from me to them (^ O ^)

A week later, I heard that they had successfully officially got married when they came again.
What has changed for gentlemen in this short period of time is that hairstyles and clothes have clearly become more sophisticated.
It's amazing how the appearance changes depending on the other party ...
大きく輝いている満天の月、ま~~ぁ綺麗.... 一瞬声が出て立ち止まる
けれど満天の月は何事も無いような光を地上の我々に…負けるな! 時は解決するよ!

The second state of emergency for COVID-19 has been announced in Tokyo.
Now, three weeks have already passed.
Enoki closed at 8:00 PM as well as other restaurants.
I changed from commuting by taxi to bus because the opening time has been changed early.

In the hectic days of every day, when I coincidentally looked up at the sky in front of my house, I saw a big shining moon and a perfect winter starry sky.
It was so beautiful that I tweeted "What a beautiful" .
In this world reflected by coronavirus, there are no signs that the current situation will improve, and I sometimes mourn "why this happened...".
However, the moon gives us the light on earth that nothing happens the same as before.
"Never give up! Time will be resolved! (^ ∇ ^)"
It seemed that the moon was saying that to me.


13:00 用事を済ませ、初めての箱根駅伝を見る為、ゴール前の
3番 のランナー中々来ない
嘘でしょう、昨日10番目のはずが ? さすが連覇へのランナー達

長年お店の得意様方 大変お世話になって応援当たり前、
あの~~お母さんの子供さんですかと、声をかけられた (嘘だけど、ハ…イ)と伝え
恥ずかしくつて、その場から即離れた(笑 笑)

Happy New Year, everyone.
Coronavirus is still scary it doesn't seem to end all over the world.
However, I am telling myself that I need a strong vitality as "does not lose to the storm, does not lose to the wind, and blows away even if the sickness attacks me!" Lol

Thanks to this blog, this update is the 228th time.
I'm embarrassed a bit but I'll do my best as long as the Enoki restaurant continues!

At the beginning of this year, the weather in Japan was heavy snow on the Sea of Japan side, but Tokyo was a beautiful sunny sky.
On the 3rd of the new year, I had a business near Tokyo station in the morning.
After finishing my personal errands around 13:00, I decided to see the goal of Hakone Ekiden.

(※Hakone Ekiden, which is officially called Tokyo-Hakone Round-Trip college Ekiden race, is held every year on the second and the third of January. The course of Hakone Ekiden is separated into five sections between Tokyo and Hakone. Each university team has 10 members.)

I arrived 5 minutes before the roadside of the Yomiuri Shinbun building located Otemachi in front of the goal point.
The quiet space became noisy in an instant.
Apparently, when I thought that the top runner came, I was the runner of Komazawa University who was in 3rd place until yesterday.
I didn't know when Komazawa was at the top!
The next second runner was Soka University who didn't expect to be the top yesterday. Great ... applauded!
After that, the runners of No. 3 Toyo University.
While I was waiting, the lady who had a mobile said that Aoyama Gakuin University would come in as No. 4, probably she checked it with her mobile.
Is it true! ?? Aoyama Gakuin was 10th yesterday weren't they?? I thought, but I was impressed with the runners who wanted to win the championship in a row.

Not so!
What I want to see is Kokugakuin University.
I've lived in Shibuya for a long time and they have been a good customer for many years.
It is natural to support Kokugakuin because indebted.
When I thought about that, the last runner of Kokugakuin finished the 9th.
I said to the runners, "Congratulations, you did the best!"
Two boys in their twenties who were watching it asked me "Is he your children?" so I answered yes with a lie, though I don't know why. Lol
I became embarrassed and hurried away from there.
その後、2度目に来店際 当時の話が話題になった所へ
君達何歳....ハイ 24歳です。
有難う御座います。と 深くお辞儀!!

大先輩!! 45年前=自社ブランド設立、今年に入って、社長から会長へ

Due to the coronavirus, the world has been living with dark news every day.
At the end of November, at the request of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the restaurant was requested to close earlier.
After all, the government just tells us to be patient.

Meanwhile, the number of new customers has been increasing recently at Enoki.
They are almost young customers in 20s and 30s.

A month ago, two young men opened the enoki door, but without any greetings.
They couldn't say hello when they entered, so I said, "You must do it again. you'll be able to join us with greetings."
They honestly answered "yes", then they greeted cheerfully and re-entered (LOL).
The other elderly customers who saw such a figure smiled and the atmosphere softened.

Then, when they come to the store for the second time, they talk about their age, they are 24 years old.
One of the regular customer said
"Oh yeah, you guys came to a good izakaya! you go to various places like here, listen to the topics of various people and learn good things.
I'll treat you to a drink to celebrate your future ... Mama, give them a drink! "
The three young men in their 20s bowed deeply, raising a glass each other.
They thanked him for the message from their seniors in life.
The regular customers who bought alcohol were those who established their own brand 45 years ago, and in 2020, he became chairman from the president.
I often see his subordinates, always he says some "encouragement".

The effects of the coronavirus tend to weaken the connection between people.
However, I am really grateful for customers who show their energetic appearance while paying attention to infection prevention, such as regular customers.
I think people with diverse connections are healthy and have high immunity.
From now on, we would like you to spend the winter season, positive mind makes immunity and good health.
深夜 12時前、お店の内外のチエックをして、さあ~~今日も無事故に仕事が終った!
急ぎ自宅へ、ハ~~イ .タクシー と、手を上げ車の中へ入り、シートベルトのチエック
「ジャパン タクシー」が、目立つようになり、お客様からも定評がある車を


Before midnight, I checked the closing of Enoki and finished my work safely that day.
I go back home by taxi usually.

"Hey taxi," I raised my hand, took a stopped taxi, and fastened my seat belt.
As soon as I told him where I was going, the driver spoke to me.
"Could I tell today's unlucky story? There was something I couldn't believe today.
I was denied boarding by as many as 17 customers!
This is the first time since I became a taxi driver. I wanted to quit this company for today only. Thank you for riding anyway! "

I was wondering why so many 17 people hated his taxi. It's an ordinary taxi no matter where I look.
I asked him why his taxi was rejected.

Apparently, his taxi is a conventional sedan type,
but since about three years ago, small minivan-type taxis from "Japan Taxi", which makes it easy for luggage to enter and the interior space feels wide, have gradually increased in Tokyo.
He said with a stern look that he might be out of business with an old-fashioned type of car like him, as a new driver chooses a car that is popular with customers and operates as a taxi.

After that, the driver also seemed to feel calm.
I arrived at home and told him before getting off.
"Mr, you were unlucky today. Due to the recession caused by the coronavirus, I can understand you would like to sell as much as possible, but please do your best with a good smile and welcome customers."
He also smiled and left.

In my personal opinion, rather than choosing the shape of the car, I'm more concerned about how well the room is cleaned the moment I get in.
Also, I think how much a driver knows good way to arrive, having professional awareness when I tell them where to go and making customers feel comfortable while they drive.
Nearly 50% of taxi drivers these days feel that many drivers don't have professionalism.
It's a bit of a strict word... but I hope try to do their best.
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